Муваффақияти оғозёбӣ, 15 маслиҳати тавоно барои амалӣ кардани он

      Назарҳо Хомӯш дар бораи оғози муваффақият, 15 маслиҳати пурқувват барои амалӣ кардани он

Муваффақияти оғозёбӣ, 15 маслиҳати тавоно барои амалӣ кардани он

Муваффақияти оғозёбӣ 15 Маслиҳатҳои тавоно барои амалӣ кардани он

Вақтҳои охир мо падидаи пайдоиши як стартапро дар Индонезия мебинем, ки мисли гул дар баҳор занбӯруц мекунад, ин падида дар баробари васеъ шудани ҳиссаи бозор дар Интернет дар Индонезия афзоиш хоҳад ёфт. Аммо, бисёре аз стартапҳо натавонистанд ба зинаҳои баландтарини муваффақият расанд, ҳатто дар миёнаи роҳ афтоданд ё худ роҳи муваффақиятро пешрав карда натавонистанд. Ба ин муваффақият омилҳои зиёди техникӣ ва ғайритехникӣ таъсир мерасонанд. Дар зер 15 маслиҳати пурқуввате ҳастанд, ки метавонанд стартапҳоро ба зинаҳои баландтарини муваффақият расонанд.

Build a successful startup by choosing the right name

It cannot be denied, the selection of startup names is very crucial for the development of the startup itself, in the name contained its separate philosophy and motivation for the development of a startup in the future. Choose the Startup name that is following the бизнес field that is undertaken, understands the meaning contained in it as the first step towards success. The name also affects the psychological side of the customer, make long research and a list before determining the Startup name, if necessary, do a test or survey about some of these name choices, so this fundamental step can become an initial foundation in pursuing the ladder of success.

Start with quality products/services

The quality of the product to be sold is a step that determines the success of a startup, if the products we sell are products with good quality and qualities, then it is not impossible that the market share will be mastered and the success of the success will be easy for us too. It also applies to services or services offered by a startup, regardless of the characteristics of the product/services offered a startup, quality is the main and the priority of a startup if the products/services offered have premium quality, of course, Customers or prospective customers a startup will flock to buy products/services offered.

Make sure the price is offered accordingly

The products/services offered by a startup can be said to be very influential on the development of a startup. This cannot be separated, because the suitability of the price is the key to a startup’s can work. For this reason, the need for in-depth research relating to this, the survey can also be done to prospective customers, or we can see price competition among similar competitors, the importance of seeing competitors in competition is that we can map our prospective customers along with prices that can We offer it, so there is no error or discrepancy in determining the price of the product/service we offer.

Pay attention to business planning

Giving intensive attention to business planning is a very important thing in the startup business to the ladder of success. Although the way in reaching the success of each entrepreneur is different and not necessarily a successful way applied by a startup will succeed if applied by another startup, but pay attention to business planning is the path to success itself.

Change the old way in recruiting employees

Many old ways are still useful in the development of a business or startup, but many of the old ways have been obsolete or irrelevant to the development of startup today, the things that are already obsolete are in the pattern of employee recruitment. Leave a long way, such as advertising searching for employees in newspaper classifieds, and switching in a new way that is more effective and efficient. Online and LinkedIn job search sites can be used as a new way to capture more targeted employees so that they can help the development of the startup that is being carried out.

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Understand social media marketing

Social Media is very potent marketing or marketing channel for startups to develop or promote their products/services. However, many startups are unable to take advantage of the momentum of social media awakening, it is because they do not master or understand thoroughly about social media marketing. Take advantage of all existing learning facilities about social media marketing that are freely scattered, or recruit more experienced people about social media marketing, positive things and can affect the development of startup itself, can occur as the mastery of a startup is getting better.

Learn tips on viral marketing

Many among customers a product or service, or even we are “victims” of viral in cyberspace. These viral posts can be images or videos and can be distributed on various kinds of social media platforms. The startups can create separate viral until the post can be widespread in cyberspace. A startup can make infographics or videos that can be uploaded and then become viral in the community. This can increase brand awareness about the startup products/services themselves, and it can likely be converted into a product/service transaction offered by the startup, so it is profitable for its startup.

Think about mobile customers

Mobile Customers are the most important part of startups, whatever the startup that is being pioneered, must think of a strategy to embrace mobile customers. Startup sites must be mobile-friendly, applications made for startup customers must be easily accessible to mobile. Today there has been a shift from customers who are accustomed to opening sites through laptops or PCs, being customers who open sites through their mobile devices. Pay attention to the right Strategie in embracing mobile customers, the startup pioneered is getting closer to the success of the success.

Serve all customer needs

Serving customer needs is the main in building a startup. Instead in the minds that consumer needs are the priority, of all services owned by the startup, consumer service must be on the startup main list. Make sure you know exactly how to improve customer service. Without having the thought that consumer needs are the main, a startup will have difficulties in pursuing the ladder of success.

Know the customer’s wishes

Customer desires can be known from various surveys and in-depth research that have been carried out by startups. We also found valid data from the survey that has been carried out by third parties, or even we can find facts about customer desires from competitors or other startups. We can know the character of the market share that will be the target of our startup.

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Омӯзишро давом диҳед

Growing or whether or not a startup starts from the strong desire of the founders of the startup to continue to learn, sharpen themselves, and the ability to continue to expand the startup wings. Never stop to continue learning, there will be a lot of learning to be found, based on existing experiences, and the journey in learning should not stop, so that startup can continue to develop and grow until later it finally manages to the highest success ladder.

Learn from criticism

Often criticism can build startups when being addressed wisely, criticize new energy and motivation to continue to grow. Dropping criticism can also be a motivational enhancer for a startup if it is addressed with a positive view. Do not let criticism make it fall or worse, criticize a buffer of enthusiasm and motivation that can be a rudder of startup progress in the future.

Surround the life with supportive people

A positive aura and kindness are contagious. The environment is the main thing in building someone’s character and behavior. Surround life with supporting people. If life is filled with people who support what we do, surely the positive aura of people who always give us encouragement, motivation, and this support will also influence the success of the startup that is being undertaken.

Ба худат бовар кун

Confidence is the main capital in pursuing the ladder of success. This must be owned by the founders of the startup. Believing in self-ability can be grown by applying and instilling within, that we can afford to pursue the ladder of the success of the startup we are running. Doubt about your ability is something that must be avoided. Apply 100% confidence in pursuing startup trips, and success slowly will follow.

Do something loved

We may often hear that by doing what we love, then the results will be commensurate with the love we have for the work, or start from love, then our work will produce very good results. Start building startups based on something loved, something that is done without being forced, something that is done attentively, fertilized with a feeling. If we have found something loved, then we build a startup, do something we love, then someday something we love will produce sweet results. Success starts with our perseverance and love for a job. Find something loved, and do attentively, then the startup that is run has been on the threshold of success.

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