Чӣ гуна аз интернет бо сармояи хурд пул гирифтан мумкин аст

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Чӣ гуна аз интернет бо сармояи хурд пул гирифтан мумкин аст

Чӣ гуна аз интернет бо сармояи хурд пул гирифтан мумкин аст

Оё касе метавонад соҳибкори муваффақ бошад? Метавонад, албатта, шумо метавонед. Масъала дар он аст, ки танҳо аз куҷо сар кардан лозим аст? Дар муқоиса бо пости қаблӣ, ин дафъа мо мехоҳем тиҷорати онлайн ва чӣ гуна аз интернет пул гирифтанро баррасӣ кунем.

Why online? Why not offline? Because we want to invite the exactly to encourage you, Froggyads’s friends, to be more literate to the times.

As we know, the digital world and технология development are things that we cannot bargain with anymore. The faster and the smarter we respond to market challenges, the faster we reap success. Is not it?

But for a while, what is meant by capital here is only money and goods? Not. What is meant by capital here can also be in the form of human capital or expertise. In other words, Human Resources (HR).

1. Reseller and Dropshipper

E-тиҷорати is a business that has experienced massive developments in the past year.

According to Rudiantara, the Minister of Communication and Information, the potential of e-commerce trade is estimated at 280 trillion. It was only in 2015. Online shopping of both goods and services via e-commerce was commonplace for the people of Indonesia, especially those who lived in big cities. We can certainly make opportunities.

Then what if you are interested in this business but don’t have big capital or don’t even have money at all? You can start it by being a reseller or drop shipper.

Simply put, resellers or drop shippers are businesses selling goods provided by suppliers. The advantage is from the difference in the price of goods from suppliers with the selling price. What is the advantage? Certainly varies. For shoes, for example, the advantage of one item usually ranges from $ 2.5- $ 7.5.

What items or services can you resell?

Here are some things commonly sold by Resellers or Dropshipper:

  • Adult fashion products such as shoes, clothing, accessories, etc.
  • Fashion and child fashion products and equipment such as clothing, shoes, toys, etc.
  • Косметика.
  • Kitchen equipment and equipment. Of course, that can be sent via expedition services.
  • Voucher.
  • Домен.
  • Китоб.
  • ва ѓайра

Сармояи зарурӣ

Depending on the type of commodity you will sell, but usually, the required capital is:

  • Smartphone to be used as an online store also to communicate with suppliers and consumers
  • Internet packages.
  • Laptop or computer (optional).

Steps to Become Resellers or Dropshipper

There are several steps to start becoming a reseller or drop shipper, including:

  • Determine the type of item you want to sell.
  • Learn the product knowledge carefully. For example, if you are going to sell shoes, of course, you have to know the range size, material, the unique characteristics of the item you sell.
  • Set the quality standards and market demographics. Do you want to sell anything like what? How much is the price range? How do you target your economy? For example, if you want to sell kitchen utensils and will market them to your Facebook friends, you should know what profession is, how much income. It relates to the knowledge of the target purchasing power of the market.
  • Search for two or non-suppliers that indeed open resellers or drop shippers. Looking for this supplier is not an easy matter. You will later determine which supplier is suitable and which is not.
  • Set what platform you will use. For beginners, we suggest optimizing social media first instead of directly creating a website.
  • Start uploading your selling items and doing promotions.
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2. Online Personal Shopper

How to get money from the internet has been rampant abroad there and began to spread to Indonesia. A personal Shopper is not a person who is told to shop for clients.

Personal Shopper is he who provides services to become personal shoppers while providing input and suggestions to consumers. An online Personal Shopper must have qualified knowledge of the product desired as well as good business communication skills.

For example, this client wants to buy a laptop unit he will use to type, the internet, and presentation. The budget he provided around 3 million dollars. He doesn’t care about the brand, RAM capacity, HDD, and so on because he doesn’t understand. Your job as an online Personal Shopper is looking for a laptop according to the desired criteria at once where you buy it.

Where is the income?

Commission. You can set a percentage of the price of goods or the Flat Commission.

Where to buy the items needed by the client?

Some Online Personal Shopper is affiliated with e-commerce or offline stores, some are not affiliated with any store but have extensive connections and networks.

How is the payment system?

You set. Can by obtaining payment in advance from the client, or if you are affiliated with e-commerce, you can order so that the client only needs to make a fulfillment.

Type of goods or services?

Depends on your insight and expertise. It could be in the form of a special Personal Shopper Fashion and cosmetics, specifically electrical, furniture, etc.

Сармояи зарурӣ

  • Smartphone or laptop.
  • Интернет
  • Database clients, products, e-commerce, and offline stores.

Steps to Become an Online Personal Shopper

Following are the steps to become an online Personal Shopper:

  • Personal Shopper-based trust. So the first time you have to wake up is your identity.
  • Have extensive relationships.
  • Because this profession is still rare, you should make regulations that can be accessed by clients or prospective clients.
  • Where is the promotion? Can be on social media or blog.

3. Garage seller

Do you have a decent item that only serves as a warehouse or cardboard waiter in the corner of the room? Do you have books that have miserable because you have never read? Why not be sold?

The advantages of a business like this are indeed not too big, but if you are serious, you can develop by gathering used goods worth wearing from friends or nearby people and selling them online.

Capital required:

  • Smartphone or laptop.
  • Camera (optional).
  • Интернет

4. Payment Agent.

For some type of transaction, cash payments are difficult or not too effective. For example, several online shops only receive payments via transfer and credit cards, or some outlets that are very limited hours like Lazada.

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Well, you can do business in this field: providing online payment services to offline consumers or to those who have difficulty making payments via bank transfer.

What you do is you receive payments from clients in cash and pay them via bank transfer or other types of payments (credit cards, vouchers, balances, etc.).

Where is the income?

Commission. You can take commissions from the amount of payment that must be paid by the client. For example, the price of goods + postage is 200 thousand. You can charge 210 thousand to consumers.

The type of payment that you can serve:

  • Пуле.
  • Барқ.
  • E-commerce.
  • Интернет
  • Flight ticket.
  • Booking hotel.
  • BPJS.
  • ва ѓайра

Capital required:

  • Smartphone or Laptop.
  • Интернет
  • Balance in a bank account (debit) and or credit card.

Steps to Payment Agent:

  • Determine what type of payment you provide, adjust it to the capital you have. For example, if you don’t have a credit card, don’t provide a service for the type of payment that can only use a credit card.
  • Promote services to the closest people first, for example, neighbors, brothers, or friends.

5. Craft-er

If you have expertise in making handicrafts that can be sold, you can take advantage of that expertise. For example, sew, paint, doodling, and others.

Capital required:

  • Working tool.
  • Smartphone or laptop.
  • Camera (optional).

His steps:

  • Make interesting photos from your handicraft results and post them on social media accounts, usually Instagram.
  • Promotion.

6. Affiliate

Affiliate means you are working with certain service owners or goods. Your job is to participate in promoting and selling their products and you will get commissions from each product sold.

The more reliably you do promotions and the more closing you do, then the commission you will get even more and the more.

Many companies provide affiliate programs with a decent commission. You only need to look for the most suitable for your interests.

Capital required:

  • Smartphone and laptop.
  • Интернет
  • Blog and social media.

7. Friends of the road

If you have a hobby of traveling and knowing fun and unique places to visit, how to get money from the internet this one can be chosen. Teen Road is a bit similar to travel agents but managed by personal, not a company. A kind of open trip like that.

At first, you can determine the destination, the budget, what facilities you provide, then promote on the social media or blog that you have. Or, you can also provide power to become a guide for a group that will leave for certain destinations.

This business opportunity is suitable for your blogger travel. Besides your hobby is channeled, you can get money from a blog, right?

Okay, so many discussions about online business ideas and how to get money from the internet with small capital this time. If you have other business ideas better, immediately practice so that the idea is not struck by people. See you at the next post, hopefully, it will be useful.